Saturday, September 18, 2010

Used Car Research: TrueDelta

A friend recently pointed me to a great site for used car reliability information called TrueDelta. These guys collect repair and fuel economy data from over 70,000 cars around North America. From this data they publish a realistic picture of how cars truly perform out in the wild. The data is updated quarterly, so you always have an up to date picture on how a car performs. Really cool idea.

Anyone with a car can join and contribute data to the research. If you're participating, you get free access to all the reports, so it's well worth it. It takes a minute or two to join, and a minute or two each quarter to submit some basic data (number of repairs, odometer, etc.). It's not a big time investment, and the reward could be very valuable next time you're buying a car. If you don't want to participate you can buy your way in for cheap, too.

Sign up today and make more informed decisions next time you have to buy a car.

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